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Chapter 1
Pilot Episode. Captain Everest discovers a fabled Akashic Sphere and haphazardly activates it.
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Chapter 2
"Alicia Whittles Interview"
Captain Everest recruites Ms. Whittle and they immediately begin an assignment. Debut Alex Mitchell as Alicia Whittle and Zach Stone as Dr. Campbell.
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Chapter 3
"The Eye of Aruna"
Dr. Campbell, a former collegue of Captain Everest is consulted for insight. Can he be trusted?
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Chapter 4
"The Celestial Sayer"
An ancient avatar "The Celestial Sayer" visits Captain Everest and sheds some insight upon his quest.
Chapter 5
"Damn Spooks"
A nafarious government agency injects themselves into the quest trying to seize the spheres for covert operations. Debut Joe Nowland as "Agent Orange"
Chapter 6
"The Enemy of My Enemy"
Captain Everest must choose between Agent Orange and Dr. Campbell to avoid a Mexican Stand-off.
Chapter 7
"Shake On It"
A frail alliance is formed. Captain Everest prepares for the enivitable betrayal.
Chapter 8
"Third Eye"
Alicia investigation into the "Eye of Aruna" leads them to the "Seer Stone" which is located in historical ruines.
Chapter 9
"Winner Taks All"
Now in possession of the "Seer Stone", Captain Everest and Ms. Whittle hatch a plan to undermine their adversary.
Chapter 10
Captain Everest out manuevers Agent Orange only to fall into Dr. Campbells trap. In despiration he activates the most powerful Akashic Sphere.
Akashic Spheres
Feature Film
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